Epoxy Formulations

  • 360 by Upgrade is a primer for wet concrete substrates and concrete with traces of oil.

  • Can be used for solvent-free or high solids coating as well as tank lining for metal and concrete substrates.
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  • Defender acts as an excellent primer for galvanised surfaces.

  • Works on metal as well as concrete surfaces.

  • Colour of the primer can be customised as per RAL shade.
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  • Hardfix is a multifunctional, versatile and high mechanical strength epoxy adhesive. It has very high resistance to water and chemicals.

  • Can be used as a bonding agent for pre fabricated concrete elements (segmental concrete bridge), tiles, bricks, anchoring grout for reinforcing steel, repairing material for concrete cracks and many more applications.

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  • Protect concrete or metal surfaces from corrosion and make them waterproof with Blackshield.

  • Can be used for industrial purposes for effluent treatment plants, pipe coatings, components of industrial equipment, storage silos etc.

  • Has many civil engineering applications like structures for bridges/buildings and waterproofing sunken slabs, underground structures, swimming pools. etc.

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  • Upgrade Duo is a water based epoxy which combines the excellent adhesion of epoxy with the advantage of being environmentally friendly.

  • Ideal for application over newly set concrete to prevent excessive water loss during cure and to form impervious oil resistant coating, non-dusting surface, which can be coated with conventional paints.

  • As a waterproof membrane to prevent water seepage or moisture penetration through the interiors of walls and increases coverage of the top coat significantly.

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